Welcome to pandoc-latex-tip’s documentation!


In the metadata block, specific set of classes can be defined to decorate HTML span, div, code or codeblock elements by icons generated from popular icon collections:

Collection Version Author License
Font-Awesome 4.7, 5.x Dave Gandy SIL OFL 1.1
Glyphicons 3.3 Jan Kovarik MIT
Material Design 2.x Austin Andrews & Google SIL OFL 1.1

It’s also possible to specify a tip on such an element using description by attribute.

The metadata block add information using the pandoc-latex-tip entry by a list of definitions:

  - classes: [tip, error]
    icons: [bug]
  - classes: [tip]

The metadata block above is used to add a bug icon to span, div, code or codeblock elements which have tip and error classes and a generic icon to span, div, code or codeblock elements that have only a tip class.

Each entry of pandoc-latex-tip is a YAML dictionary containing:

  • classes: the set of classes of the span, div, code or codeblock elements to which the transformation will be applied. This parameter is mandatory.
  • icons: the list of icons that will decorate the span, div, code or codeblock elements ([exclamation-circle] by default)
  • size: the size of the rendered icons (18 by default)
  • position: the position of the icons (left by default or right or inner or outer)
  • color: the default color for icons which do not have a color description by themselves

Each icon is either:

  • an icon name taken from the Font-Awesome icons collection 4.7.0
  • a YAML object containing
    • a name property (for the icon)
    • a color property taken from the X11 color collection
    • an icon collection property (either fontawesome, glyphicons or materialdesign)
    • an icon collection version property (4.7 or 5.x for fontawesome, 3.3 for glyphicons and 2.x for materialdesign)
    • an icon collection variant property (Font-Awesome 5.x version define 3 variants brands, regular, solid)
    • a link property to make the icon clickable

If only an icon name is specified (in this case, you can simply put its name instead of inserting it in a list), the color is assumed to be Black, the version is assumed to be 4.7 and the variant is assumed to be regular.

It’s also possible to specify a tip for individual elements using attribute description:

  • latex-tip-icon: the name of the icon
  • latex-tip-size: the size of the rendered icon (18 by default)
  • latex-tip-position: the position of the icon (left by default or right or inner or outer)
  • latex-tip-color: the color for the icon (black by default)
  • latex-tip-name: the collection name property (fontawesome by default)
  • latex-tip-version: the collection version property (4.7 by default)
  • latex-tip-variant: the collection variant property (regular by default)
  • latex-tip-link: a link for the clickable icon

The following LaTeX packages are required:

  • marginnote
  • etoolbox
  • changepage


Demonstration: Using pandoc-latex-tip-sample.txt as input gives output file in pdf.